Friday, October 7, 2011

Up, Up, and Awayyyyyy!

Well, did you really think I wouldn't consider going back? LOL... yes, it's happened. Again. Fortuitously and serendipitously.

I'm heading to the UK in June 2012.

The way it came about is a bit strange. A friend and I decided to sit in on a Trafalgar tours spiel about group tours. I'm not a group tour girl AT all. Much too regimented. Much too... everything for someone like me. I like spur of the moment and as I like.

But, the more they talked, the more I could see a little glimmer of reason about why I might want to do a group tour.

First, I don't have to think - it's all thought out for me. I have an expert tour guide (supposedly) who also acts like a concierge. I don't have to book hotels, think out travel, forage for food, or even plan out sightseeing! From start to finish, it's all up to them.

And, to top it off, they gave a $450 discount for booking prior to December.

After some thought, I plopped my deposit down.

How I was going to make this AND my trip to North Carolina in November happen, I'd no clue. But, step forward, I did.

There was the usual massaging of plans, creating a calendar, wondering about transportation...

So, I cashed in my frequent flyer miles to get that piece of it pinned down. Having real dates helps.

Then, wonder of wonders... a miracle occured.

Last Friday, I got a batch of my typically boring mail. Bills and such. When I opened one, there was a check for $1200! I thought it was an error at first. How could this be?

I called the insurance company, and they assured me the check was mine. Happily, I cashed it. It was just enough to pay off the group tour.

Speaking of the group tour, this is the one I'm taking:

I'm also planning some free time prior to the group tour to see Lindisfarne (the Holy Island). And then afterwards to stay in the Lake District for a couple of days (wish it could be longer).

Anyway, that's it for now. I'll keep you posted on everything as it occurs!