Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maximize Fun, Minimize Anxiety

First blog post of 2014!

There are:
* 9 days to the cruise
* 114 days to the trip with mom to Virginia
* 246 days to the England trip
* 331 days to a potential trip to see the final stage show of War of the Worlds in Leeds.        

This leaves me both excited and nervous.  I can easily get into the “how am I going to make this all happen” mindset.  But there are some things I know that are true that help me through the anxiety that trips can sometimes produce.

The first is: If it was meant to be, it will be.  If things happen out of your control, you don’t need to worry about them.  If things are in your control, well… then you control your situation and there’s no need for anxiety.

The second is: The more you worry, the less likely you are to manifest what you want – or to manifest it in the way you want.  If you get stuck in “how can I afford this?” or “how can I get time off?” you are adding stones to your dry stone wall.  Sooner or later, you won’t be able to see your trip over it!

The third is: Everything will be fine.  I get into a worry loop sometimes about leaving my dogs, my house, my family and friends, my country, taking a long plane ride over sometimes turbulent ocean air, and landing in the middle of a morass of folks all at the end of their similar trips.  Put your heart and head on autopilot.  Put one foot after the other.  Everything will be fine.

The fourth is: Focus on adventure.  Every moment on your trip is a wonderful adventure!  Maximize that by seeing it for what it is.  Missed your train?  Wow, what a great time to hang out and see the sights, talk to the people, have a bite to eat, take some pictures, etc.  I am grateful for every moment of every trip I’ve ever taken.  Even the bad bits have silver linings.  Find them.

The fifth is: Ignore your mom’s warning and talk with strangers.  Some will ignore  you. Some will be curt.  Most will be charming and funny and interesting.  I’ve made so many wonderful friends that way.  Each person is a chance to experience your trip on a deeper level.

The sixth is: Don’t be afraid to veer from your itinerary.  If you have a plan, and someone comes up with a better idea or with an idea to do something you’ve never tried before, give it some thought.  Go for it if you feel like it would add to your experience.  Don’t tie yourself to a schedule to the point that you limit your fun.

Feel free to brainstorm other ideas on your own that will help you overcome anxiety and create the best vacation you ever had!