Thursday, August 14, 2014


The countdown clock says 27 days until I leave for the motherland (England, of course).  I visibly get both more excited and scared.  Excited because of all the new things I’ll be doing like seeing the Trossachs up close, visiting the Holy Island, bagging two more Wainwrights, and following the trail of King Arthur.  Not to mention taking two travel partners this time!

All those things that excite me also scare me.  It’s all the unknown, you see.  But, all of life is unknown.  It’s up to us to step up to the prow of the ship and scream, “I’m king of the world!”  So, I pack my bags, leave my puppies in a kennel for 2.5 weeks, and away I will go.

Things in Texas will be handled by my friend Tammy who is house sitting for me while I’m gone and by the wonderful folks at I am very lucky to have found this kennel – I’ve used them for about 15 years and we are more like family than owner/client.  Unfortunately, they will be retiring this year.  As for Tammy, she will be enjoying a 2.5 week vacation in sunny Austin. J  I hope the place will be nice and comfy for her… I left her the pool key last time, and I’m sure she’ll be swimming at some point during her stay.

This weekend, I also have another adventure… and that is into the realm of training and travel.  There is an open house at UT on Saturday where I’ll be “womaning” a table on England, packing, and planning.  I have flyers made, business cards, and even a couple of posters.  Immediately after that is a potluck for volunteers at Hosteling International.  Hosteling International coordinates travel classes for REI (I teach there sometimes).  I’ll be able to meet other travel instructors and finally get a tour of the hostel.  I don’t stay in hostels, but the idea behind them appeals.  Hosteling began as a way for young people to affordably travel the world.  Seeing other cultures is a way to learn tolerance for others and to become an ambassador for our own culture.  Nifty. J

I contacted the hostel in Keswick and requested a tour when I get there.  I’m sure it will happen, and it will be fun. J

This morning, I ramble because it gets me focused and gets me thinking about my goals and directions.  How I got so hardwired for the UK is a mystery, but I never question it – I just go for it if it feels like I should.  Kind of like Bill Overton and his cars.  Or Don Dawber and his breakfasts. J

What are you focusing on today?

Hostel in Keswick