Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Recommended Viewing

I’ve written a lot about England and the rest of GB, but have failed to give you some further resources in case the topic interests you as much as it does me!  Now, a list of resources could go on forever, so this is a list of what I continually go back to view (or what I actually own DVDs of).

Places and Touring

Escape to the Country

This is an HGTV series that has hundreds of episodes (and is still filming today!).  The gist of it is to help city dwellers find homes in the country and, by the way, educating the viewer about what rural life has to offer in so many corners of the country!
Hidden Villages

This series is hosted by Penelope Keith (of To the Manor Born) who takes you far and wide to places you’ve most likely never heard of.  She gives airing to a way of life that is, perhaps, dwindling faster than we care to think.
A Picture of Britain

This documentary by David Dimbleby takes a look at Britain through the eyes of artists, painters, poets, and writers.  What he does very well is to also show you the landscape, its people, and what makes it special to the rest of us.  This documentary is only in region 2 format, but will play on your computer if you can grab a copy.


Battlefield Britain

This series is hosted by Peter and Dan Snow and is probably the #1 series that got me buying into researching military history.  Amazingly well done!
Britain’s Bloody Crown

Dan Jones, well-known author of The Plantagenets, historian, journalist, and presenter hosts this series which takes an in-depth view of just what it took to hold the English crown.  
The Story of English

This series takes a look at how English dialects and language, in general, have changed over the centuries.  Hosted by Robert MacNeil, it’s a very interesting look at where we’ve come from and where we’re heading!
Monarchy with David Starkey

I’m actually not a fan of Starkey.  His version of Richard III was more Shakespearian than fact.  However, he does give a complete look at the British monarchy from start to finish.
Elizabeth R

Wow, the best factually-based history of Elizabeth 1 (brilliantly played by Glenda Jackson).


Last Tango in Halifax

This series is a fun romp based on two elderly people meeting online and falling in love.  Based in Yorkshire (which is close to my heart), the series is short-lived but very interesting! Plus you’ll get to experience a little of the Yorkshire dialect.
All Creatures Great and Small

Based on the wildly successful books by James Heriott (aka Alfred Wight), this series takes a look at how it was to live in rural Yorkshire in the 30s-40s.  This series was actually being filmed when I lived in Yorkshire.  Everything looks so old now!
Mary, Queen of Scots

Less factual, but still very engaging story of Mary and QE1.  Starring Glenda Jackson and Vanessa Redgrave.
The Crown

This series just came out last year on NetFlix.  It’s a drama about the life of QE 1, and while the casting doesn’t really seem quite right for QE1 (facial features are just not the same), the acting is decent.  Princess Margaret is well-cast, I thought. 
I’m sure more will come to me as I think of them, but these shows should give you food for thought and should fill your mind of an England that is not only beautiful but also has a colorful history and vast wealth of culture and tradition.  Feel free to recommend your own!

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